Random Numbers Aren’t So Random

If computers only do what we tell them, how do they create random numbers? Random numbers are all around us, particuarly when we look at computers. Our “auto-generated” passwords, the amount of coins you win for logging in daily to your favorite game, and, of course, the =RAND() Excel function – all random. So whereContinue reading “Random Numbers Aren’t So Random”

Why Your Company is Destined to Fail (or at least never reach its potential)

When you think of the largest companies in the world, who do you think of? If you’re like most, FANG probably comes to mind (Facebook, Amazon,Netflix, Google). You’ll also probably throw Walmart and Apple/Microsoft in there, maybe Alibaba if you keep track of international companies too. All of these companies, and almost every single FortuneContinue reading “Why Your Company is Destined to Fail (or at least never reach its potential)”

Ok…. so what’s up with the fruits?

Ok,ok…… I’ll admit I really don’t even like fruit. Vegetables,yes. Fruits………… nah. If you’ve ever spent time with data scientists, (not expecting you’ve ever actually done this), you know they’re full of jargon and technicalities. Heteroskedasticity, confusion matrix, dot product, eigenvectors…. just to name a few. The same goes for their models. Support vector machines,Continue reading “Ok…. so what’s up with the fruits?”